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Free Investor Workshops – Next Session

August 4th, 6pm PST

Funds for Investors and Founders

SoGal Ventures

SoGal Ventures represents how far our generation has come and how deep our impact on the world can be. We are investing in next-gen billion-dollar businesses that unapologetically benefit people, society, and the planet.

Alternative Wealth Partners

Alternative Wealth Partners is breaking the mold of Private Equity – making alternatives accessible, understandable, & profitable for real people.

Emmeline Ventures

Emmeline Ventures is a group of investors steadfastly committed to investing in and serving as catalysts for new, emerging founders & businesses. They invest in female founders building game-changing businesses which empower women, in particular, to manage their health, build their wealth, and live in a cleaner, safer world.

Portola Valley Partners comprises Silicon Valley superheroes with a disruptive strategy to significantly enhance a company’s success rate. With a diverse background as entrepreneurs, founders, executives, and investors, our team is dedicated to collaborating with like-minded individuals across various sectors, fostering impactful product development, and addressing the challenges faced by early-stage companies seeking funding and successful exits.


Gaingels co-invests with select venture capital leads in companies resolved on building diverse and inclusive teams. We seek to drive top returns while influencing the ecosystem and representing the LGBTQ community, its allies, and a diverse group of investors within the capital stack of its portfolio companies. Connect With Gaingels [email protected]

Enygma Ventures

We strongly believe that the investment finance industry needs to be globally reimagined. Our aim is to empower women to help create a more equitable playing field, drive progressive change, and still achieve exceptional outcomes. Our goal is not only to demonstrate that there is a better way, but also to inspire others to do the same.

Women’s Empowerment
Workshops and Communities

The BRA Network

Bra’s mission is to foster a community where we uplift female and non-binary entrepreneurs and provide support, resources, and opportunities for connection in an inclusive space where you are seen, respected, and accepted.

She Angel Investors

Our mission is to connect Female Founders and Funders to Resources and to each other through Events, Films, Podcasts and Educational Resources!

The Quinn Essentials

The Quinn Essentials are nine transformational tools to empower you to create and manifest the life you want to live offered in a live 2 day weekend workshop.

Our Brain Trust

BrainTrust is a membership organization for women business owners dedicated to ensuring they have an equal opportunity to build financial independence, wealth, and influence.

Free Investor Workshops – Session 2

August 4th, 6pm PST

  • How to get started with investing
  • How to transfer your IRA into venture
  • Angel investing basics
  • How to get involved in venture capital
  • Q&A with experienced investors

Corporate Learning Solutions 


Kadabra catalyzes growth and change for emerging through C-suite leaders. We empower them to shift their mindsets, expand their skill sets, and adjust their behaviors through unique learning experiences and The Learn Lead Lift Framework®

Financial Literacy Coaching

Fan Your Flame

Fan Your Flame will help you build your financial literacy so you can achieve your dreams and live your best life — for yourself and for generations to come.


Do Good While Doing Well: Invest for Change, Reap Financial Rewards, and Increase Your Happiness – PreOrder

Unleash your impact potential with Do Good While Doing Well, a groundbreaking guide designed for those who are eager to make a lasting, meaningful difference, but are unsure how to start. While conventional wisdom may have you believe that charity is the primary, or even only, means for effecting change, this book expands on that notion by introducing you to angel investing as an additional transformative power.

Learn Lead Lift by Wendy Ryan

Learn Lead Lift® is the leadership book you’ll pick up and return to time and time again. In this easy-to-read and actionable how-to guide, you’ll access timely insights cultivated from leaders representing a wide range of identities, backgrounds, roles and industries.

Love Your Team by Helen Fanucci

Love Your Team is a conversation-by-conversation survival guide for sales managers who want to thrive in a world where their top talent can walk out the door without taking a single step. 

Pitch The Bitch By Kelly Ann Winget 

Pitch the Bitch walks through the female experience in the investment world, on both sides of the financial transaction.

The Quinn Essentials by Andrea Quinn

The Quinn Essentials are nine transformational tools to empower you to create and manifest the life you want to live.

Apparently There Were Complaints by Sharon Gless

Emmy Award–winning actress Sharon Gless tells all in this laugh-out-loud, juicy, “unforgettably memorable” (Lily Tomlin) memoir about her five decades in Hollywood, where she took on some of the most groundbreaking roles of her time.

Thinking Bigger: A Pitch-Deck Formula for Women Who Want to Change the World by Sarah Dusek

A guide for women entrepreneurs to help them get the financing they need to build big businesses and change our world.


Invest In Her

INVEST IN HER podcast, hosted by founder of She Angel Investors, Catherine Gray- features phenomenal female founders and funders. The podcast is part of a multimedia platform to connect women with funding resources.

The Angel Next Door

The Angel Next Door podcast is a show about how people got started investing in startup companies. Hosted by Marcia Dawood, member of the SEC Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee and Chair Emeritus of the board of the Angel Capital Association.

The Wealth Alpha

The Wealth Alpha Podcast, hosted by entrepreneur, author, founder, public speaker, and alternative investments expert Kelly Ann Winget, is a show about all things money from the seat she dragged to the table.


The Quinn Essentials 

The Quinn Essentials are nine transformational tools to empower you to create and manifest the life you want to live offered in a live 2 day weekend workshop.

SoGal Foundation

SoGal Foundation’s mission is to close the global gender and diversity gap in entrepreneurship and investing by providing accessible and holistic educational resources, including venture capital insights, founder wellness support and tips to help you scale your next billion dollar idea.

6 Ways to Fund Your Business: Funding Made Simple for Female Founders

Our 6 Ways to Fund Your Business course is designed to inform, educate and activate, with the intention of seeing that percentage raised and witnessing female founders thrive.