Host a screening on our 50-City Tour!

This is a story that’s never been told.

Show Her The Money addresses women getting less than 2% of venture capital and demystifies what venture capital is.

Featuring rock-star female investors who invest in diverse women entrepreneurs with innovations that will change the world, Show Her The Money reminds us that money is power and women need it to achieve true equality.

Screenings help to spread the word and inspire more women to become investors and founders. As we increase the amount of female founders and funders we begin moving the needle on the funds available to women. Starting in February 2024 we are taking the film around the country and the world on a 50-city tour, join us as a host!

Please fill out the form below and someone from the Show Her The Money team will be in touch with details to purchase a licensing opportunity and select your desired format of the film, as well as provide support materials such as marketing assets and a discussion guide.


Purpose of the grassroots national tour:
1) to educate and inspire women about what venture capital is with our engaging and fascinating stories of successful women fund managers, women Angel investors and women funded entrepreneurs!
2) to encourage more women to become Angel investors  especially in women founded VC funds
3) to help more founders learn how to navigate the VC world for funding