Women have been shut out of the financial world, making it almost impossible to get their ideas and inventions funded. SHOW HER THE MONEY pulls back the curtain on the extreme underfunding of women in the Venture Capital world, with less than 2% of venture capital going to women. Featuring female entrepreneurs who have boot-strapped their companies and those who helped them scale into success stories. SHOW HER THE MONEY is a compelling and crucial reminder that money is power and women need it to achieve true equality. 

The film follows four visionary entrepreneurs as they endure uphill battles to turn their ideas into reality. In spite of their dedication and passion constantly being challenged, these women, with the financial support and mentorship of their angel investors, become even more determined, resourceful and resilient, and the growth of their businesses is mind-blowing. Each business has the potential to become a “unicorn” … a billion dollar business.  

Vicky Pasche aspires to change the world of fashion with Dapper Boi, a gender-neutral, body inclusive apparel line. Jasmine Jones, founder of Myya, wants to make shopping for mastectomy bras empowering, convenient and sexy for breast cancer survivors. Diipa Büller-Khosla, founder of indē wild, creates beauty products influenced by ancient Indian medicine known as Ayurveda. She is empowering South Asian women to celebrate their brown skin in a country that historically markets skin lightening products. Marian Leitner’s company, Archer Roose, sells luxury wines in cans, reinventing the image of wine drinkers while lowering the carbon footprint of the wine industry. 

Trailblazing wealthy and connected women are funding these female funders. The film gives us a peek into the exclusive lives of these gate keepers including: Dawn Lafreeda, a waitress turned millionaire, who owns more restaurants than any woman in the United States; Pocket Sun who is the youngest woman ever to start her own VC Fund and recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top 100 most powerful women in the country; and Wendy Ryan a powerhouse investor, who is using her generational wealth to empower women and BIPOC entrepreneurs. Each of them, along with other female angel investors, are rewriting the rules of the American economy by funding companies led by women – knowing that funding women is a winning investment strategy. 

In addition to the founders and angel investors, the film also features Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner, Sharon Gless, Primetime Emmy Nominee Elizabeth Banks, and the ultimate connector and award-winning producer, author, Tedx speaker, podcast host and founder of She Angel Investors, Catherine Gray. 

It was a woman who invented the electric dishwasher, central gas heating, and the list goes on. Who knows how much our society and our planet will benefit from future generations of women with game-changing creations and innovative ideas? The only way we’ll ever know is if we SHOW HER THE MONEY!